Our Services


Personal Tax

Make use of our expert knowledge on tax law and planning to protect your resources and minimize tax liabilities. Our Services:

  • Expert tax preparation from the simplest to most complex return
  • Provide a checklist in advance to help in gathering all necessary receipts and forms
  • Optimize results by preparing spouse's tax returns simultaneously
  • Ensure all appropriate deductions are included
  • Accurate reporting of tax shelter information and all other non-standard deductions
  • Preparation of business and professional financial statements and advice on reporting
  • Provide follow up service, which means we communicate with government tax departments on your behalf

Estate Planning

Make sure your loved ones are cared for and your assets are effectively handled.

  • Arrange to obtain will search and required certificates from the Chambre de notaries and the Barreu de Quebec.
  • Meet with the family to discuss the will
  • Notify professional contacts and beneficiaries
  • Prepare statement of assets and liabilities
  • Ensure all legacies, debts, taxes and death duties are paid
  • Set up and administer trusts according to the will
  • Prepare and file final income tax return.
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Student Taxes

Whether you're new to the workforce or still in post secondary education, personal income taxes can be a confusing thing to navigate through.

At Matheson Carson and Associates, you can have full service, personalized tax preparation at affordable prices. We'll grow with you, and help you navigate your income tax now, and throughout the rest of your education and career.

Here are some things to consider this year:

  • If you've just graduated, do you have any credits carrying forward?
  • Are you receiving your GST and Solidarity tax credits?
  • Are you transferring all or some of your tuition or education amounts to your parents?
  • Should you consider putting money into your RRSP?

Corporate Tax

Our corporate tax experts can:​​​​

  • Prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns
  • Bookkeeping for holding companies
  • Provide ​corporate accounting and tax planning
  • Communicate with government departments on your behalf
  • Provide expert knowledge and help implement the process of automating accounting and bookkeeping records
  • Assist in the incorporation of business enterprises