Tax Scams are back again…..BEWARE

Lately there have been a lot of tax scams out there, and now that tax season is in full swing, evil-doers are everywhere. When questionable offers of a bigger refund pop up in your inbox, it’s always best to call a professional for advice, and never respond to an offer of money without
speaking to your tax professional.

The latest scam is basically an email from a “fake” Revenue Canada saying that you’re entitled to a larger refund. Don’t fall for it!

THE most important thing to know is, Revenue Canada never emails you. Never.

If you are entitled to a larger refund than you claimed on your return, Revenue Canada will issue you a notice of reassessment along with a cheque (if you are getting a larger refund) or in the case of an amount owing that will also be made clear to you on the reassessment.

The moral of the story is, always choose a tax professional to help you navigate through your taxes, they do more than just file your tax. They’re a wealth of information on how to best maximize your return, answer questions, and provide guidance on confusing things like these scams.

Call us at Matheson Carson, we can help guide you through your taxes, work with you year round, and be there with you throughout your financial lifetime.

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